Prolefeed / The Day Man Lost split 7"

by Prolefeed

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Craig Greenhill
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Craig Greenhill Punchy, angry, stompy crusty punk/metal. I really like the production and the way the bass runs pop out here and there. Have a listen you won't be disappointed! Favorite track: Crack The Whip.
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Released October 2013 on seven inch vinyl as a split with The Day Man Lost. Their side can be heard at


released July 19, 2014

Recorded at 1st Ave January 2013 by Dave Curle.
Artwork by Daniel Hughes.
Prolefeed is Andrew Dick, Colin Cumpson, Ash Quinn, Daniel Hughes and Rob Woodcock



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Track Name: Hated Generation
Ice caps keep melting
Factories keep smelting
Carbon levels saturated
We are the generation to be hated
Only thinking of today
While Earth's species die away.
Track Name: Crack The Whip
Crack the fucking whip
Break your fucking back
Worked till you fucking drop
Doing what you're fucking told
Be a model citizen, life fitting the mould
End of the rainbow you get a pot of gold
The vacuous cunts that wont shut up
Is the rising nausea that wont settle down
The working stiffs let out of the morgue
Killing time and waiting for death.
Track Name: Arctic Wheat
6.8 billion humans to house and feed
Finite resources, infinite population
Definining the difference
Between need and greed
Don't listen to me
I've not got any of the answers
As the population gets bigger
Resources grow thinner
Doesn't take a genius to realize
The situation is serious
Western lavish lifestyles
Not something to promote
the people voted into power
Too scared to make hard decisions
All aboard the gravy train
Nothing controversial, keep the voters happy
Collective action, not knee-jerk reaction
6.8 billion humans to house and feed
Finite resources, infinite population
Defining the difference
Between need and greed.
Track Name: Fear (Bullshit Restrictions)
Need to shake off the bullshit restrictions
Need to get rid of these conditioned thoughts
Monotony is the mind killer
Dulls the brain into mundane acceptance
Switch on the tv switch off your mind
Sooth the fear all away until next time
Track Name: Evolution
Hijacked moral high ground
Sincerely spoken, never profound
Happy face of modern Christians
Hides the same old desperation
Desperate to make us do their willing
Modern crusades, innocents they're killing
Bombs and bullets doused in holy water
Religious blessing, a sanctioned slaughter
On their knees, praying for freedom
After life, all sins redeemed
Disillusioned backwards belief
Token gestures to share in the grief.